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Hi, meet noobill

Your smart family bill concierge

Give all your family bills to noobill and enjoy a carefree experience. One interface. A whole new world. All your bills in one place. Always on the best deals. Always pay on time.

Compare, Switch & Pay

  • Electricity

  • Gas

  • Internet

  • Landline

  • Mobile prepaid

  • Pay TV

  • House insurance

  • Pet insurance

  • Car insurance

  • Health Insurance

  • Personal loans

  • Car loans

  • Home loans

  • Car Rego

  • Mobile Post

  • Paid Water

  • Council Rates

  • Body Corp


All your bills in one place

You want to find all your bills in 10 seconds, so we did this:

  • Bills categorised & summarised

    Organise all bills under each property or family member, glance at only the important parts, or see bills in full.

  • Bill History and Forecast

    See all bill history and future forecasts with a swipe of the finger

  • Bill Messenger (coming soon)

    Forget about messy suppliers’ emails filling your inbox. See all supplier messages in one place.


*only offers that are better than your current bill are shown.
**auto switch is unavailable for insurance and financial products. Instead, noobill ranks your offers for selection.


Always on the best deals

You want your suppliers to always give you the best deals, even without you asking for it – so, we did this:

  • Auto Compare

    noobill groups all your bills with similar users; then invites all available suppliers to bid via auction and uses our algorithm to determine the best.

  • Auto Switch

    We switch you to the winning offer automatically or, you select a supplier. If there’ss a better deal going forward, we let you know.

  • Supplier Rating

    Rate your services. Our comparison algorithm will highlight ratings, so the best suppliers get more customers, and you get better services.

Compare noobill to current comparison websites

noobill Major Cmparison Sites
Individualised comparisons
Switch for you Some
No pushy phone calls
Continually looks for best deals
No commission or advertising
Smooth bill payment
Guaranteed Pay on Time
Full history bill analysis
All bills managed as one


Always pay on time, smoothly

You want to stick to your budget and never pay a

late fee so, we did this:

  • Smooth Pay

    noobill estimates your annual spend for all your bills, and you pay them off via a single weekly direct debit, on Fridays of course.

  • Guaranteed Pay on Time

    noobill pays all your bills in advance to suppliers; you will never pay late, so no late fees.

  • Full bill cycle covered

    Should your account run low for any reason, we cover a full bill cycle for you. No worries.



Free, independent and secure

noobill is totally free.

There are no monthly fees, no payment fees, no late fees, and no interest charges.

noobill is independent.

We do not earn any advertising or commissions from any suppliers. We earn money as a payment gateway for bill payments (similar to BPAY).

We are serious about your data security and privacy.

All your data is encrypted with 2048bit SSL certificate and stored in a top, physically secured facility in Sydney. You are in full control of your data (and can delete it from noobill at any time).

Coming soon to noobill

  • Bill Messenger

    Have all your supplier emails delivered and organised in one place.

  • Easy Split

    Splitting the bill? Set up easy bill payments with housemates, family and friends.

  • Easy Connect

    New home? Connect to suppliers in one click. We will estimate your new bills and find the best deal.

  • Rate Your Services

    You now get a real say about your services whichsuppliers will take seriously.

  • Easy Termination

    Dread moving home and having to terminate contracts with every supplier? Let noobill do it for you.

  • Rewards & Donations

    We are building a reward program to make the world a better place. Every dollar spent on bills will earn a reward point for your chosen charity.

Power to the people

We’re building noobill together

When good suppliers are rewarded with more customers, they focus on delivering better deals and services, rather than spending on fancy marketing and handing out commission.

So, the more of us who use noobill, the more bargaining power we have.

Please spread the word – tell your friends and family – and build noobill together.


What are people saying about noobill?

A service like noobill can save me up to 25% per year on all my bills.

George, VIC.

noobill will save me hours, days even, of trying to find the best deals on all my bills and I only need to make one payment through my direct debit.

Michelle. SA

We get a say on the suppliers that give the best service and, the ones who don’t!

Andy, NSW

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noobill is Coming Soon this Spring 2019